This project was my bachelor thesis in 2013.
Course: Intermedia Design at the Hochschule Trier.

The focus was on the workflow of a whole game-design pipeline:
From the story (script-writing), visual development, 3D modeling,- texturing, – rigging,- animation,- set dressing, video editing, sound design interaction design to the coding of a fully functional Html5 Web-App for the Ipad.
The whole production took me 2 months.

A blind, 10 years old boy called Andrew is sent by his parents to a camp for handicapped children to find some friends.

During a hike through the firest Andrew gets lost. He strays around till he finds the way to an old house in the middle of the woods.

At first the place seems abandoned but it soon turns out that this isn’t the case.
The blind and helpless boy gets trapped by the evil spirit of a child murder that lived there long ago.

Andrew finds a bewitched ritual mask which represents a window to the past, the world in which the bad man lives. With his new force Andrew has to find the truth within the former happenings and find the key to escape.

The Concept Art